Unlocking the Value in Your Medical Devices Can Reduce Costs and Risk

As capital spending is reduced in the upcoming years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare system executives will need to be innovative and more proactive in how they manage their budgets. One area of opportunity is clinical asset management. Understanding your inventory, extending the useful life of equipment and knowing your cybersecurity risk are a few ways a comprehensive clinical asset management program can help reduce cost and risk to your healthcare system.

In the latest article with HFMA, Henry Hummel, chief executive officer; LeAnne Hester, chief marketing officer; and Dave Klumpe, president of clinical asset management discussed some of the biggest challenges healthcare organizations are facing and will face in the future. They also discussed what healthcare leaders should consider when looking for a product or solution to help meet their needs and how TRIMEDX is supporting healthcare organizations now and into the future.

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