Defending against cyberattacks is a daily reality for your health system. Cybercriminals pose a growing threat to patient care and safety as well as health systems. These attacks drain financial resources, erode reputation & patient trust, and cripple clinical operations. Cybersecurity vulnerabilities can be found in virtually every aspect of healthcare technology, including medical devices. 

As more medical devices become network-connected, so does the risk posed by vulnerabilities and undetected anomalous behavior. Amidst this trend, the link between cybersecurity, medical device maintenance, and truly effective capital planning is more important than ever. While biomedical engineering teams and IT departments have often operated separately, a much more coordinated effort is now essential. Hospital administrators, CIOs, CISOs, and biomedical technicians are all forced to take an active role in understanding healthcare cybersecurity threats to help protect their organizations. 

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Increase in ransomware attacks on healthcare delivery organizations in the last 5 years (2016-2021)¹
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of validated remediations (by make, model, description) received from the OEMs by TRIMEDX³

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Average cost of a healthcare data breach²

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Bridging the Visibility Gap

Disconnected and incomplete information sources are a major hurdle for establishing responsive healthcare cybersecurity strategies. Inaccuracies in device inventories and monitoring activity can create false alerts, misidentifying the level of risk, the nature of concerning behavior, or even the potentially affected devices and technology. Cybersecurity and IT professionals commonly report 20-40% of all alerts as false alerts.4 This significant quantity of false alerts can create alert fatigue and reduce responsiveness to real risks and breaches. Vulnerabilities exist in virtually every piece of technology in a health system, so having a full and accurate understanding of the real risk these vulnerabilities present is essential to managing the most significant risks that an organization faces.
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Comprehensive, Effective Cybersecurity Solutions

evolve-sqA true clinical asset management strategy must incorporate a comprehensive understanding of medical device inventories, the relevant vulnerabilities for each device, and the risk these vulnerabilities pose. Combining full visibility with standardized processes drives efficient remediation and capital planning, bringing clinical engineering, IT, and finance together. 

The TRIMEDX CYBER solution combines our expertise in maintaining and managing medical device inventories with expansive data on cybersecurity vulnerabilities, real-time monitoring, dynamic risk scoring, and remediation of cyber vulnerabilities. You can quickly identify a vulnerability and, just as importantly, know what you need to do to resolve it with this integrated cybersecurity ecosystem and real-time monitoring, management, and remediation. TRIMEDX data and technology, an expert CYBER support team, and cybersecurity training mean you can consistently monitor vulnerabilities, quickly identify unusual behavior, and implement remediation strategies for true closed-loop remediation.

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Cybersecurity vulnerabilities tracked in TRIMEDX's proprietary content library³
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Identifying and matching of all connected medical devices on average
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Reduction in remediation time on average³

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TRIMEDX Cybersecurity Solution

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Medical Device Inventory and Risk Monitoring

The TRIMEDX CYBER solution capitalizes on our Clinical Engineering solution to build a thorough understanding of the unique risk factors that are influenced by a health system’s inventory and operational needs. 

  • Equipment maintenance: The risk to a device from a vulnerability and the potential consequence of failure
  • Mission critical status: The risk a device failure or breach poses to patient care activity and the potential impact on patient safety
  • FDA alerts and recalls: TRIMEDX’s integrated support functions include notifications for FDA alerts and manufacturer recalls, including automated work orders where necessary, as well as potential cybersecurity impacts

We also employ some of the most comprehensive resources for identifying vulnerabilities and monitoring anomalous behavior. 

  • Real-time Monitoring: Medigate by Claroty technology integrates directly with the TRIMEDX CYBER solution to create a behavioral profile for each network-connected device
  • Proprietary content library: A continually updated compilation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and validated OEM software patches

Dynamic Risk Score

All these factors inform the TRIMEDX Dynamic Risk Score, which is the only healthcare cybersecurity risk scoring tool to update with new vulnerabilities, changes in network connectivity, and actions taken to remediate a risk. By taking a full view of the status of medical device inventories and cybersecurity vulnerabilities, the Dynamic Risk Score provides actionable information tailored to fit each health system’s unique priorities and risk posture. maintenance.
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Driving Responsive Remediation

The integration of TRIMEDX’s experience in clinical engineering and robust healthcare cybersecurity intelligence also creates opportunities to develop and execute confident, efficient strategies to remediate vulnerabilities. 

CYBER training equips TRIMEDX associates with crucial knowledge to contribute to cybersecurity even in a rapidly evolving landscape of threats. Continuous education ensures that technicians can act effectively on the data that TRIMEDX technology delivers.

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Of TRIMEDX's 3,000+ biomedical technicians complete CE CYBER Academy training. 

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TRIMEDX CYBER specialists

TRIMEDX CYBER specialists consult with our clients to help determine the best remediation approach for each device. This includes applying software patches and advising on potential compensating controls. Work orders to carry out remediation strategies are issued by RSQ, our proprietary computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), ensuring a smooth integration of cybersecurity activities with other ongoing device maintenance.

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Leveraging Clinical Asset Informatics

All vulnerabilities and remediation projects are tracked and highly visible in TRIMEDX’s Clinical Asset Informatics, providing the necessary data to make more informed resource allocation and capital planning decisions. All implemented remediation strategies are also reflected in Dynamic Risk Score updates, meaning health systems can take advantage of true closed-loop remediation. This combination of highly visible data and trackable outcomes creates a better environment for hospital IT, information security, clinical engineering, and TRIMEDX support teams to collaborate on effectively advancing cybersecurity.


Medical Device Security: Where to Start?

Cyberattacks on health technology are on the rise, raising the risks and costs associated with your connected medical devices and the data they hold while raising worrying questions about patient safety. In this white paper, you will learn how to reduce patient safety risks and costly violations. 

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