How a Security Operations Center can Elevate a Hospital’s Cybersecurity


TRIMEDX Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity Scott Trevino recently contributed a piece in Medical Device News Magazine highlighting how security operations centers provide added value and protection to health systems’ cybersecurity programs and, ultimately, their patients.

How important, yet still often insufficient, hospital cybersecurity remains was underscored again in early March when three cybersecurity companies took a most unusual step: They offered their services for free. CrowdStrike, Ping Identify, and Cloudfare announced their voluntary effort amid growing worries over a retaliatory cyberattack against the U.S. as it continues to support Ukraine in its war with Russia, according to The Washington Post. Four months of service was offered free to utility companies and hospitals — “the most vulnerable and currently underprotected sectors.”

Hospitals have been a popular target of cyber actors, an unsettling trend for health system CEOs yearning to identify cost-effective measures to bolster their defenses without compromising patient safety. For example, nine out of 10 top executives at large hospitals would value a managed cybersecurity service such as a security operations center (SOC), TRIMEDX research indicates.

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