How Effective Clinical Asset Management Saves Money

TRIMEDX President of Clinical Asset Management Dave Klumpe recently contributed a piece in 24×7 Magazine on how health systems can leverage technology to save money on medical devices.

Many hospital administrators are spending more money than necessary on clinical assets. This isn’t to say that they are intentionally wasting money. They’re not. But when it comes to buying medical devices, a host of factors can make savvy purchasing challenging. Rather than being a cost center, though, clinical assets and how they are managed has the power to save hospitals money.

Sophisticated clinical asset management (CAM) technology can give hospital administrators actionable insights on how not only to best spend money on devices moving forward, but also on how to curb the operational expenses a health system already incurs. Moreover, a CAM solution can unearth value buried under unorganized purchasing processes, workflow shortcomings, and other inefficiencies.

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