​​​TRIMEDX releases Executive Overview into Informatics platform providing healthcare leaders key insights into program value and results 

Spring 2023 release delivers health system clinical and operational leaders high-level view on patient safety, device availability, clinical engineering performance, and financial savings  

INDIANAPOLIS — April 25, 2023 — TRIMEDX, an industry-leading, technology-enabled provider of clinical engineering, medical device cybersecurity, and clinical asset management solutions, announced the release of its new Executive Overview. This unique Clinical Asset Informatics user experience provides clinical and operational leaders quick insights into patient safety through regulatory & cybersecurity excellence, clinical asset utilization & availability, clinical engineering program performance, and financial savings. 

“Healthcare leaders are facing unprecedented challenges,” says TRIMEDX CEO Henry Hummel. “Staffing shortages, increased labor & supply costs, declining margins, and increasing cybersecurity risks are all putting more pressure on healthcare leaders. The Executive Overview will provide TRIMEDX client executives with quick and easy access to the most important data and insights regarding their clinical asset inventory performance and financial health in one central location.” 


These metrics include: 

  • The impact on device availability and avoided unplanned downtime from clinical engineering activities and predictive work systems. 
  • Clinical asset inventory growth over time, which can directly impact operating expenses.  
  • Financial savings generated from optimizing clinical asset inventory and maximizing the value of available equipment.
  • Operating expense savings by reallocating or removing unneeded devices and rentals from inventory.  
  • Capital expense avoidance by adjusting equipment purchases, reallocating equipment, and upgrading equipment to extend the useful life & defer replacement purchases. 
  • Dollars returned to health systems by selling surplus equipment at auction with Centurion Service Group: A TRIMEDX Company.  
  • Monitoring health systems’ overall clinical asset cybersecurity risk posture through documented threats and vulnerabilities, tracking risk reduction efforts, and changes to the Dynamic Risk Score. 
  • Regulatory compliance metrics including preventative maintenance trends and the status of work orders related to the completion of FDA alerts and recalls. 

“Through feedback and continuous improvement efforts to better serve clients, the TRIMEDX Executive Overview was developed specifically for healthcare leaders with limited time,” says TRIMEDX Chief Operating Officer Kristi McDermott. “It aggregates data from various metrics in Clinical Asset Informatics to create an intuitive and seamless experience, and it also provides the ability to dive deeper into solution-specific data providing further detail around performance metrics.” 

The TRIMEDX Executive Overview is available to all TRIMEDX clients. To learn more about TRIMEDX and its offerings, visit 




TRIMEDX is an industry-leading, independent clinical asset management company in the United States delivering comprehensive clinical engineering services, clinical asset informatics, and medical device cybersecurity. We help healthcare providers transform their clinical assets into strategic tools, driving reductions in operational expenses, optimizing clinical asset capital spend, maximizing resources for patient care, and delivering improved safety and protection. TRIMEDX was built by providers, for providers, and leverages a history of expert clinical engineering with data on 92% of all active medical device models. 


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