How to Close the Loopholes on Medical Device Cybersecurity

TRIMEDX Manager in Product Management Derek Hills recently contributed a piece in Quality Digest highlighting five steps for success in medical device safety and security.

The importance of medical device cybersecurity is growing exponentially. As more devices become connected to the internet, threats to public safety mount. Cybercriminals, formerly interested in stealing financial or medical records, have begun to essentially hold healthcare providers hostage by using ransomware to lock users out of medical devices. Even more sinister possibilities await.

Medical devices aren’t like typical IT endpoints, such as laptops, where security updates are pushed out over the internet by the manufacturer, and third-party applications alone can put up a defense. The risk to medical devices is more open-ended. Where should quality management professionals start when implementing a cybersecurity strategy to close the loopholes on medical device safety? The process begins by recognizing the barriers to success within the health system itself.

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