Clinical Asset Management Can Do More Than Just Track Medical Devices

TRIMEDX CEO Henry Hummel recently contributed a thought leadership piece published in MD+DI (Medical Device and Diagnostics Industry) discussing how clinical asset management saves money, thwarts cybersecurity and helps during a crisis if done right.

Clinical asset management in the healthcare industry now extends far beyond logging inventory. Next-generation technologies track, manage, and maintain clinical equipment in real-time to provide a comprehensive, ongoing assessment. These sophisticated software tools provide a holistic approach to clinical asset management: the quantity of medical equipment a healthcare facility has, how much it’s used, its current condition, and what risks it presents—whether because of an FDA recall or as a network vulnerability for cybercriminals to exploit.

Dozens of data points, such as manufacturing date, service history, cybersecurity information, OEM support, and downtime, do much more than provide benchmarks in the present. They can provide valuable insight if collected and evaluated in the right way. The resulting assessments can forecast critical needs, particularly during a pandemic, and guide financial decisions on procurement and reallocation. They also can help improve clinician satisfaction and patient care.

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