Staffing, Training, and Development

Staffing, Training, and Development

Investing in Your Clinical Engineering Team

Biomedical equipment technicians are the heart of medical device maintenance and optimization. Their skills and knowledge have an immense impact on the daily clinical operations of any health system. A well-staffed and trained clinical engineering program is an absolute priority but requires a significant investment.

What if you could utilize an on-site clinical engineering team with comprehensive, ongoing training, a team that scales to fit your health system’s needs while maintaining consistent and predictable costs? TRIMEDX's ongoing technical and leadership training programs equip biomedical equipment technicians to manage evolving technologies and grow their contributions to our health system partners. From device repair and maintenance and capital planning expertise to cybersecurity specialists, each associate is trained and knowledgeable in their field. 

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TRIMEDX imaging apprenticeship graduates have advanced to imaging technician roles

White Paper

Pandemic Burnout and a Shrinking Talent Pool: The Critical Factor Impacting Patient Safety and 5 Approaches to Help

Administrative burdens, staff shortages, heavier workloads, and stress are all adding to staff burnout, turnover, and declining job satisfaction. Despite the grim forecasts for worker shortages and a lingering pandemic, healthcare leaders can take several proactive approaches to fortify their biomed teams and drive clinical engineering performance.


Pandemic burnout in Healthcare

All Aspects of Human Resource Management

TRIMEDX actively recruits through a network of talented industry professionals for all clinical engineering roles within client health systems. Access to this network, coupled with a highly competitive compensation and benefits package, helps reduce the time to fill open positions. Once the TRIMEDX team is in place within a client health system, we assume all resource planning, performance monitoring & management, and a dedicated reporting structure is established to drive performance and success metrics. Health systems can deploy this on-site model to improve device availability even during large-scale emergency scenarios that bring large fluctuations in patient demand and potentially threaten access to external services. 
TRIMEDX inspiring workplaces 2024


TRIMEDX was named a Top 100 2024 North American Inspiring Workplaces Awards finalist. This award recognized organizations creating a PeopleFirst culture and an Inspiring Workplace. 

TRIMEDX was named one of the 2023 Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces®. This award recognizes top employers that display leadership and innovation in engaging their workplaces. 

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Investment in Technical Training

TRIMEDX invests an average of $8.5M annually in technical training for our associates. Each biomedical equipment technician participates in all ongoing technician training and has access to our TRIMEDX Tech Plus One™ entry-level technician mentoring program and our TRIMEDX Clinical Engineering Leadership Program.

Solutions, processes, and best practices training

TRIMEDX equips clinical engineering teams with the tools and technology to deliver meaningful work more efficiently & with less burnout. Part of our commitment to empowering technicians is providing the business operations training to navigate our proprietary processes and platforms with confidence to deliver fast, efficient, and impactful work.


As a leader in medical device cybersecurity, TRIMEDX offers each associate a specialized and comprehensive cybersecurity training and certification program. Our cybersecurity specialists receive specialized, advanced training to equip them to respond to all cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

Leadership Development Programs

TRIMEDX maintains its commitment to developing leaders within the organization by offering multiple leadership development opportunities including:

  • Leadership Explorations Series
  • TRIMEDX Leadership Fundamentals
  • New Leader Onboarding
  • Gateway on Leadership Development
  • 4 Roles of Leadership Courses

AAMI BMET Apprenticeship program
sponsored by TRIMEDX

TRIMEDX invests in the next generation of clinical engineering talent through a BMET apprenticeship program, launched in 2022 in partnership with the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). AAMI’s BMET Apprenticeship is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor and combines traditional education with up to 6,000 hours of on-the-job learning. Apprentices work for 24 months with an expert team of TRIMEDX Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs), gaining valuable on-the-job training and experience. Participants also have extensive education requirements including anatomy, medical terminology, physiology, and other related courses. The cost of these collegiate-level courses is covered by TRIMEDX, and the program provides a pathway to a career in clinical engineering for people who have little to no experience or non-traditional backgrounds. The goal is to create a long-term career trajectory for the apprentices and ensure they are eligible for an advanced BMET position by the time they finish the two-year program.

Partnerships That Build Associate Skills

TRIMEDX associates have access to the industry’s leading skills-building program and deliver the value of these trainings to our health system partners.


4 Strategies to recruit and retain clinical engineering technicians

Staffing shortages have become all too common for many vital health care roles, including biomedical engineering technicians. Learn about four strategies health systems can use to recruit and retain top talent.



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