IT Security and Medical Devices

TRIMEDX Vice President of Information Security, Compliance and Disaster Recovery Dennis Fridrich was quoted in this recent TechNation article on security and medical devices, as we continue recognizing National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Standards for cybersecurity have been developed across many industries to standardize and create more efficient technologies, practices, connectivity and security. This universe of connected devices is growing at a blistering rate and most of these devices are “unmanaged.” This presents many opportunities for cybercriminals. It also produces just as many challenges for those tasked with protecting consumers, patients, non-public and proprietary information.

“From the HTM perspective, I broadly consider two actions to promote medical device cybersecurity,” says Dennis Fridrich, vice president of information security, compliance and disaster recovery at TRIMEDX.

“The first takes into account planning, training and communication needs. It’s critical to have business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place to make sure certain devices can be restored to the environment of care quickly and with the correct configurations. Equally important is making sure HTM team members are well trained and aware of their responsibilities in case of a cyber event,” he says.

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