IAMERS celebrates its 31st birthday

In a recent DotMed HealthCareBusiness News op-ed, Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity Scott Trevino was acknowledged for his presentation at the 31st IAMERS (International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers) Annual Meeting. Scott presented on standards for medical equipment that affect business and what is evolving with Right to Repair. Below is an excerpt from the article that appeared on May 8, 2024.

Scott Trevino, senior vice president cybersecurity at TRIMEDX did a superb job simplifying and corralling the "standards that affect your business". When we observe the proliferation of standards impacting the servicing industry, this is no small task. Noting that the FDA had issued the final rule of the Quality Management System Regulation, which becomes effective in 2026, Scott also reviewed the current state of play/draft on the FDA Remanufacturing Guidance, which has yet to be released. In a much appreciated effort, Scott reviewed his understanding of the status of general standards, including recommended practice for a medical equipment management program (AAMI EQ 56), Guidance for health care technology management educational programs (AAMI EQ 110), Guidance for use of medical equipment maintenance strategies and procedures (AAMI EQ 89), and alternative equipment maintenance programs (AAMI EQ 103). His take on the accelerating regulatory landscape was helpful in offering general directions as to the increase in cybersecurity laws and the legislative efforts (state and federal) on cyber legislation.