Clinical Asset Management 101


TRIMEDX President of Clinical Asset Management Dave Klumpe recently contributed a piece in 24×7 Magazine on what health systems should know about clinical asset management and how it can save money, deter cyberattacks, and help during a crisis.

No longer are the days when clinical asset management consisted of a clipboard and a checklist. Now, next-generation technologies track, manage, and maintain equipment at a pace consistent with how the healthcare industry moves. These new tools provide comprehensive, ongoing assessment, making it easier for hospital administrators to organize and maintain their equipment.

Hospitals must always be on top of their assets. Clinical asset management solutions assist in monitoring the quantity and quality of medical equipment, their current condition, and any potential risks, such as updated FDA recalls or possible openings for cyberattacks. After all, health organizations remain a popular target of cyber actors.

Many reasons exist to consider a comprehensive clinical asset management solution. By collecting dozens of data points, the technology paints a holistic picture of device inventory. Information such as service history, manufacture date, cybersecurity posture, and even device manufacturer support and downtime can guide decisions on how to best manage and maintain devices for the benefit of administrators, clinicians, and patients alike.

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