Where to Start with Medical Device Integration

In 24×7 Magazine, TRIMEDX President of Cybersecurity and Chief Technology Officer Doug Folsom discusses the importance of keeping medical devices cybersecure as part of a health system’s overall clinical asset management.

Ensuring that the medical devices connected to a network are cybersecure is an integral part of clinical asset management. But what happens when what’s linked to the network falls into a gray area of responsibility among a health system’s clinical engineering team, IT team, or even a third-party enterprise-software provider?

Consider an older device not originally designed to be connected to a network, such as an aging medical imaging system? What about a newer device only now being considered medical equipment, such as a refrigerator that stores vaccines? Are these devices receiving timely software patches? Whose responsibility is it to manage their security needs? Are there even devices connected to a network that are unaccounted for?

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