Address medical device vulnerabilities before it’s too late

TRIMEDX Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity Scott Trevino recently contributed a piece in 24x7 Magazine on the risks of avoiding cybersecurity protection and insight on the importance of a comprehensive cyber solution to protect health systems and their patients.

Cybersecurity is not exclusively an IT problem—cyberattacks compromise patient health and privacy. A Ponemon Institute survey revealed nearly a quarter of healthcare system cyberattack victims experienced an increased mortality rate after a breach, and more than half of respondents reported worse patient outcomes.

The value of patient data makes healthcare organizations a lucrative target for hackers. Indeed, protected health information can sell for up to $1,000 on the dark web, according to Experian. Additionally, the often urgent and critical nature of healthcare means organizations can’t waste time in their response—Sophos reports this is an industry where organizations most often pay a ransom. According to IBM, the average healthcare breach cost is the highest of any sector at more than $10 million.

With so much on the line, healthcare system leaders must prioritize cybersecurity with a strategy that includes medical devices.

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