Informatics and Cybersecurity Risk Reduction in the Era of Connected Medical Devices

Increasingly, many of the medical devices used by hospitals and alternate sites of care are connected medical devices. These include connected MRIs, X-ray machines, CT scanners, monitoring and lab equipment and more. However, when medical devices are connected to the internet via the hospital’s network, vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers, putting these devices and their data at risk. In this era of connected medical devices, health systems need better, faster ways to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate their data security risks.

To better understand these risks and how health systems can leverage clinical asset informatics to address vulnerabilities, Becker’s Hospital Review spoke with two leaders from TRIMEDX about the value of clinical asset informatics: Scott Trevino, senior vice president of product management and solutions, and Betsy Wormet, vice president of product marketing.

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