Cybersecurity Analysts

Cybersecurity Analysts

Advance your cybersecurity strategy with support from expert cyber analysts

Maintaining medical devices and strengthening cybersecurity requires more than just technology and data-driven insights. It requires dedicated, knowledgeable professionals, and standardized processes to support health system IT departments in effectively executing a cybersecurity strategy and actively managing risk.


TRIMEDX’s centralized and on-site teams of dedicated CYBER analysts make fast remediation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities a reality. On-site teams can respond fast to health system priorities and critical vulnerabilities, taking an active role in remediation projects. Our centralized CYBER team supports on-site analysts by maintaining our expansive data resources that provide visibility and insights into vulnerabilities, OEM patches, and compensating controls.​​​

CYBER analysts are certified through the TRIMEDX CE CYBER Academy’s industry-leading curriculum for medical devices and cybersecurity to aid in vulnerability identification and all aspects of remediation.​
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40 percent of validated remediations (by make, model, description) received from the OEMs by TRIMEDX 1


TRIMEDX CYBER analysts capitalize on the unparalleled data insights of the CYBER solution and TRIMEDX’s Clinical Asset Informatics platform to expand options beyond these limitations.

CYBER analysts will apply validated patches when available to keep software as secure as possible. Where patching is not an option, CYBER analysts analyze a health system’s vulnerabilities and the Dynamic Risk Score to partner with IT departments to create trackable projects for implementing compensating controls that can minimize the exposure of a device without necessarily removing a device from operation. These strategies are customized to, first and foremost, meet the needs of the health system and its patients. 

The work of our CYBER analysts is integrated with our work order and cybersecurity technologies. This level of integration tracks all activities and makes sure that risk assessments through our Dynamic Risk Score are always up to date, creating true closed-loop remediation. 

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See How Cyber Analysts Use Cyber Technology to Deliver True Closed-Loop Remediation

Closed loop remediation in cybersecurity
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White Paper

Why medical device cybersecurity hinges on far more than identifying risks

Effective cybersecurity hinges on a robust understanding of the importance of device inventory along with powerful analytics to guide clinical asset decision-making. Health systems can go a long way to ensuring medical equipment is proactively maintained, risks are properly managed, and device inventory is strategically leveraged to reduce costs.

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1 TRIMEDX internal data