Cybersecurity Technology

Cybersecurity Technology

Identify risks and vulnerabilities with cybersecurity technology

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated and growing in number year over year. Health systems need to understand the link between informatics and cybersecurity risk monitoring. These technologies can closely monitor device inventories and track new vulnerabilities & threats from reliable sources, so health systems can take responsive corrective actions to develop a true closed-loop remediation strategy. 

Achieving Solutions Faster

Having the right technology in place for maximum visibility of network-connected and connectable medical devices provides the data that health systems need to drive remediation strategies and fully utilize the TRIMEDX CYBER solution and teams. This combination of people, processes, and technology is critical for close monitoring and timely remediation of vulnerabilities.

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Of medical devices are projected to be connected devices by the year 2025¹
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The TRIMEDX CYBER solution offers the tools that health systems need to be both vigilant and agile in reducing their cybersecurity risk profile. This includes quantified analysis and a prioritized inventory of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that an organization faces. Our Clinical Asset Informatics platform serves as a streamlined location to monitor threats and remediation projects for stronger coordination of cybersecurity, biomedical engineering, and capital planning activities. The combination of detailed informatics and cybersecurity risk data creates unparalleled visibility. Informatics users can stay better informed on crucial cybersecurity notifications with Informatics Subscriptions, delivered to email inboxes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for key metrics to help make effective, strategic decisions.

TRIMEDX offers a comprehensive, proprietary content library of more than 330+ vulnerabilities and approved patches, compiled from over 70 information sources, ensuring the most accurate cybersecurity profile for medical device inventories. 


With easy access to in-depth data and analytics, health systems can request work, monitor progress through the Threats and Projects dashboard, and watch each device’s risk and an organizations overall risk profile dynamically change over time. All of these complex moving parts are incorporated in the TRIMEDX Dynamic Risk Score, which informs actionable recommendations to protect devices, health systems, and patients.

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Reduction in remediation time on average²

The TRIMEDX Executive Overview, a unique Clinical Asset Informatics user experience, also provides health system clinical and operational leaders quick insights into the value and results of their TRIMEDX program. They will better understand their organization’s cybersecurity needs with insight into their cybersecurity risk posture, vulnerabilities in their device inventory, remediation progress, and OEM patch response times. 

Dynamic Risk Score

Real-time monitoring, a detailed profile for each connected medical device, and our extensive proprietary content library power the TRIMEDX Dynamic Risk Score. The Dynamic Risk Score is the only risk scoring tool that changes with new and existing vulnerabilities, OEM responses, and real-time device attributes.
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The Dynamic Risk Score incorporates information on three dimensions:

Medical device attributes

  • Device operating system
  • FDA alerts and manufacturer recalls
  • Capable of storing ePHI information 
  • When and if a connectable device becomes network-connected

Patient safety

  • The risk to patient safety and consequences of a device failure

Unique risk factors of software vulnerabilities

  • Vulnerability criticality as determined by the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), a national database scoring system
  • The availability of validated OEM patches or other compensating controls
  • Mission criticality of the devices impacted by a vulnerability

White paper -

Opportunities and Risks: How Medical Devices Are Maintained and Managed

Hospital operating margins are under strain. A shortage of qualified technicians presents challenges. Medical devices increasingly are being connected to the internet while healthcare cybersecurity breaches are rising. Overlooked among these pressures and others is the scope of what a technology-enabled clinical asset management solution provides, research suggests. By combining powerful analytics from advanced informatics and cybersecurity risk monitoring customized to their strategic needs, healthcare systems can curb operating expenses and avoid unnecessary capital expenditures while ensuring medical device availability and supporting overall patient safety. 

maintaining and managing medical devices


1 “Medtech and the Internet of Medical Things: How connected medical devices are transforming health care,” Deloitte Development, LLC, July 2018.

2 TRIMEDX internal data