How to manage medical device supply chain challenges

TRIMEDX President of Clinical Asset Management Dave Klumpe was recently featured in a Health Leaders piece on how medical device supply chain challenges at hospitals can be as foundational as determining what devices they own and establishing a comprehensive inventory.

Medical devices are one of the most challenging facets of supply chain management at health systems and hospitals. Medical devices include a range of equipment from monitors, to IV pumps, to million-dollar magnetic resonance imaging machines. Hospitals not only need to acquire medical devices but also need to keep track of them and maintain them in good working condition.

This equipment is high in the supply chain hierarchy, says David Klumpe, PharmD, president of clinical asset management solutions at Indianapolis-based TRIMEDX. "Medical devices are an important part of the hospital supply chain. On the capital side, medical equipment represents 20% to 25% of what the hospital is spending every year on capital equipment. It is a major driver of organizational spending for capital on an ongoing basis."

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