How military experience prepares veterans for a healthcare technology management career

TRIMEDX Chief Human Resources & Diversity Officer Dawn Griffin recently contributed a piece in TechPoint, an Indiana non-profit aiming to make Indiana one of the great next-generation tech hubs. Griffin discusses how veterans have the skills to be a perfect fit for a career in healthcare technology management.  

Military members gain valuable experience during their service that opens countless career opportunities in the civilian job market. One excellent match is healthcare technology management, a career path in which I have seen hundreds of veterans thrive through my work at TRIMEDX.

Service in the armed forces provides the technical expertise necessary for healthcare technology management roles and, perhaps more importantly, it teaches valuable soft skills. During their time in uniform veterans work in face-paced, high-pressure environments in which they acquire decision-making, problem-solving, and teamwork experience. These capabilities are imperative in a healthcare setting.

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