Sharing in purpose: How Gerald Hundley builds community on his team

Gerald Hundley, TRIMEDX supervisor of inventory validation, builds community and a place for his team to express their individuality while they travel the country. Check out some unique ways the team connects and shares in purpose while on the road.

Gerald Hundley, TRIMEDX’s supervisor of inventory validation, is sharing the best ways he’s found to engage his team and create an environment that fosters connections and mutual understanding. The TRIMEDX Tech Plus One™ team can spend up to 90% of their working time traveling to new client sites together, which makes it even more important to build genuine connections with one another.

Gerald recognized staying in a hotel away from home each week made it difficult for his team to stay connected to their personal cultural identity. Because some of them spend more time with the team than their own family, he knew it was important to ensure they had opportunities to celebrate their cultural background. Gerald went to work finding ways to engage his team and provide them with opportunities to learn about each other outside of their daily duties. He organized team dinners and encouraged everyone to prepare a dish related to their heritage. 

“Through nights like these, the team gets to know each other in a different way, building a better understanding of one another,” says Gerald. 

While in different parts of the country, the team also makes sure to try authentic local dishes including barbecue, pizza, and shrimp boils.

The team also enjoys movie nights, where they watch a film and have themed snacks and drinks. A few favorites were Top Gun: Maverick, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. The movie nights gave them an opportunity to see films they might not have been able to see otherwise and enjoy some classics with the team. 

These examples, among many others like game nights and birthday celebrations, have empowered the team to come together to support each other.

Typically, Tech Plus One™ team members eventually transition into technical roles throughout the business. 

“One thing I hope is they take the willingness to learn about other people with them when they join other teams,” says Gerald.

We can learn a lot from Gerald and his team about the importance of getting to know our peers and finding beauty in the uniqueness of each individual.