Not a Tall Order When Considering Giving Back to Riley's Kids

Members of the Clinical Asset Management Team recently attended the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Congress event in Chicago, March 28-30, 2022. During their time at the event, attendees were offered the opportunity to participate in a community service project/volunteer activity in painting murals to donate back to hospitals. A total of 12 members from the CAM Team took part in the community service project.

Jeff Ciontea, director, clinical asset management, and Justin Craig, strategic advisor, clinical asset management, both took time out to help paint a giraffe mural as part of the service activity.

“The activity provided a way to both network and give back to the communities we serve. And, for most, it was quite a different way to give back,” says Ciontea.

Following completion of the activity, each participant’s name went into a drawing for the completed piece to be sent to a hospital location the individual works with directly.

Jeff’s name was selected as the winner for the giraffe mural and, over the last several months, he’s been working with Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health to arrange the donation and for the mural to be displayed within the hospital.

“It’s nice to know our partners at TRIMEDX thought about our facility and our young patients,” says Andrew Rauworth, director of system healthcare technology management at IU Health. “As Carrie Lahr (vice president of operations at IU Health) recently pointed out in a QVR, TRIMEDX IS part of the IU Health family. Jeff’s unselfish donation helps build that bond between our organizations.”

Placement of the donated mural is near the TRIMEDX Clinical Engineering Department at Riley Hospital for Children. “It was an easy way to make a small impact and hopefully will put a smile on a kid’s face in the future,” says Ciontea. “At the end of the day, if this visual helps our clinical engineering associates remember why we’re there—the children—it’s worth it.”

A total of 12 members from the Clinical Asset Management Team took part in the community service project at ACHE.



About the mural

The mural was a pre-determined image with a paint-by-numbers, match-and-fill process with acrylic color paint. It weighs 17 pounds. Each canvas size is 18” x 24”, and the total size of the mural is 3’1” high by 6’2” wide.