Medical Device Cybersecurity for Financial Health in the COVID era

Cybersecurity is a growing challenge for health care―The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more of a challenge to get in front of over the previous years.

Health system margins are impacted more than ever while needing to invest and adopt new technologies to provide care, especially with the rise in telehealth. As we see a continued digital transformation, investing in a cybersecurity program is beneficial for both risk reduction and improved financial health of healthcare organizations.

In HFMA’s Voices in Healthcare Finance Podcast, TRIMEDX’s Doug Folsom, president of cybersecurity and chief technology officer, and Chris Dunkerley, chief financial officer, discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, trends in healthcare cybersecurity and the financial benefits of implementing a medical device cybersecurity strategy. Ogi Kwon, manager of compliance at R1 RCM Inc., also covers the topic of price transparency compliance.