Accountability in Medical Device Servicing

The Alliance for Quality Medical Device Servicing responds to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (NEMA/MITA) published paper “White Paper on Understanding Accountability in Medical Device Servicing.” The paper purports to “clarify” how different entities are held accountable for their medical device servicing activities. While the Alliance applauds NEMA/MITA for the zealous advocacy on behalf of its membership, the MITA Paper contains several misleading characterizations and suggests conclusions that are simply inaccurate or do not reflect the reality of the medical device servicing landscape. Read the full response here.

About the Alliance for Quality Medical Device Servicing

The Alliance for Quality Medical Device Servicing was formed in 2018 and is comprised of six leading independent medical device service organizations throughout the United States. The Alliance consists of TRIMEDX, Sodexo, Crothall, ABM, Agiliti, and The InterMed Group. The Alliance represents the largest participants in the ISO segment of the U.S. medical device service industry. The Alliance employs tens of thousands of employees across all fifty states and actively services and maintains millions of medical devices across the country. The Alliance members, as Independent Service Organizations (ISOs), serve as a truly independent voice and advocate for healthcare providers, offering not only safe and effective service, but also an equipment agnostic perspective focused on improving safety, reliability, and efficiency.