4 Key Reasons Why Healthcare Facilities Struggle with Clinical Asset Management


TRIMEDX Vice President of Clinical Asset Management David Stevens recently contributed a piece in Medical Device News Magazine highlighting why healthcare facilities struggle managing, monitoring, repairing, and disposing of thousands of clinical assets.

More than 6,000 hospitals operate across the United States, and each has thousands if not tens of thousands of clinical assets such as ventilators and imaging machines. Managing, monitoring, repairing, and disposing of this equipment can become a herculean task. Any missteps are problematic. They can fuel unnecessary spending, compromise patient care, and sap both the time and spirits of hospital staff.  TRIMEDX’s health provider surveys indicate that nurses spend up to an hour each shift trying to find equipment or verify its cleanliness.

Avoiding such troubles begins with identifying your vulnerabilities within your asset management system. Healthcare systems struggle with clinical asset management in four key areas.

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