Mobile Medical Equipment Management

Mobile Medical Equipment Management

Increase Safety and Efficiency with Your Largest Clinical Asset Pool

Mobile medical equipment, such as physiologic monitors or infusion pumps, presents an inherent challenge to medical device visibility. This type of equipment must be agile and ready to move on short notice to meet patient needs. Yet this also makes mobile medical equipment more difficult to keep track of and manage effectively. Without a standardized process, nurses are often tasked with locating and managing mobile medical equipment, taking valuable time away from patient care. 

The risk of mobile equipment

mobile-equipment-haiMobile equipment is also a major potential vector for hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), due to its close proximity to patients and frequent use. HAIs represent a major risk to patient outcomes with many potential downstream impacts for health systems.

Mobile medical devices account for up to 90 percent of health systems’ clinical assets. Closely managing these inventories and disinfecting equipment needs to be a top priority, yet these responsibilities often fall upon nursing staff with few established processes.

A Day-to-Day Snapshot

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MME staff picks up dirty equipment and transfers to soiled room for cleaning


MME staff cleans equipment per OEM protocol


MME staff delivers equipment to clean rooms and maintains par levels

Maintenance & Repair

If needed, equipment is tagged and delivered to Clinical Engineering for repair and maintenance

Availability Data

Device availability data captured and reviewed with leadership for operational and cost improvements

The TRIMEDX Mobile Medical Equipment (MME) management program is built on best-in-class lean processes for the cleaning and management of mobile equipment through technology enablement and an on-site team of experts. The TRIMEDX MME team works with health system leadership and nursing staff to establish appropriate par levels, redesign storage areas, track device usage, and implement sustainable management processes to ensure clinicians have access to patient-ready equipment. 

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Reduction in time spent looking for and cleaning mobile medical equipment
57- 0 %
Improvement in objective mobile clinical asset cleanliness
47- 0 %
Increase in nursing satisfaction

Tracking Mobile Medical Equipment Data

Innovative technology allows the TRIMEDX MME program to track all activity related to mobile medical equipment―device availability, cleaning records, location transfer, and more. This data is analyzed to help drive operational performance and to deliver client insights for more informed decision-making.

The MME program is seamlessly integrated with clinical engineering teams to identify equipment with outstanding alerts or work orders for repair, preventative maintenance, or cyber remediation—improving the availability of safe and effective clinical assets. 
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  • Improved patient safety:  Mobile medical equipment is cleaned and sanitized using OEM protocols and validated with advanced adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing.
  • Time optimization:  Reduce time spent looking for equipment for nurses and clinical staff and create standardized and reliable access to mobile equipment.
  • Greater clinician satisfaction:  Current clients experience an average increase from <2 to >4 on a five-point scale in nursing satisfaction.
  • Financial savings:  Optimize mobile medical equipment inventory usage to reduce rental and operating expenses and decrease capital expenses.

Track outcomes with the mobile medical equipment (MME) survey

TRIMEDX is committed to actively listening and responding to the needs of clients, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth to meet the needs of the industry. This commitment is reflected in several key initiatives, called TRIMEDXperience, that monitor ongoing service quality and support a better understanding of the client experience.

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Average clinician satisfaction rating of TRIMEDX MME program

Your feedback improves our service

Clients who participate in the TRIMEDX MME program receive a quarterly survey to measure effectiveness and satisfaction with the program. This survey specifically evaluates: 

  • Cleanliness of equipment
  • Client experience with the MME representatives (accessibility, courtesy, and responsiveness to client needs)
  • Time spent locating and retrieving mobile medical equipment


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