Mobile Medical Equipment Current State Assessment

Mobile Medical Equipment Current State Assessment

TRIMEDX Mobile Medical Equipment Management Program

As part of the comprehensive TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Management offering, the Mobile Medical Equipment (MME) Management program helps health systems reduce risk, improve their financial health and increase the satisfaction of their clinicians.

  • With one TRIMEDX client, the cleanliness of their mobile medical equipment increased from 62% to 94% within 6 months of implementing the program.
  • The TRIMEDX Mobile Medical Equipment program has been shown to reduce the time clinicians spend locating equipment from 44 minutes per 12-hour shift to a mere 5 minutes.
  • Utilization of mobile medical equipment has been documented at less than 50% utilization on a daily basis. Proper inventory and storage of this equipment helps health systems optimize their current inventory, reducing CapEx, OpEx as well as costs associated with the non-caregiver time of clinicians.

The TRIMEDX MME Current State Assessment (CSA) will assess key data points associated with your mobile medical equipment, your current processes for managing this equipment and identify crucial opportunities to reduce waste, increase patient safety and allow your caregivers more time at the patient bedside.

A complimentary TRIMEDX MME CSA is an excellent starting point to understand what a partnership with TRIMEDX could mean for you in savings, operational excellence, and clinician satisfaction. Contact us today to see how you can unlock the full potential of your clinical assets.

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