The Next HTM Generation: Promising Talent Across the Field

TRIMEDX Biomed Cindy Orozco and Systems Director of Clinical Engineering Lisann Goodin-Burton were recently featured in this TechNation article.

The healthcare technology management (HTM) field has faced a dilemma in recent years; a flood of experienced baby-boom biomeds exiting the profession and a decreased number of training programs and new recruits to replace them. Thankfully, there are biomeds who have accepted that challenge. TRIMEDX Biomed I Cindy Orozco gets the nod from her boss as a biomed to watch. She works at Indiana University Health.

“She began her career in clinical engineering with an internship through IU Health in February 2021 and accepted a full-time role with TRIMEDX serving IU Health in May 2021. In this role, Cindy has been managing and maintaining equipment in the cath lab, heart station, ER and telemetry unit,” says Lisann Goodin-Burton, TRIMEDX systems director of clinical engineering at Indiana University Health. “We are excited about Cindy and her growth at TRIMEDX. As an intern, she has shown that she is not afraid to learn new things and ask questions; and she continues to do so as a TRIMEDX associate, owning her work, showing vulnerability and a willingness to jump in and help the team,” Goodin-Burton says.

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