Medical Devices Are Evolving, and How They Are Managed Needs to Evolve, Too

TRIMEDX President of Clinical Asset Management, Dave Klumpe recently contributed a piece on HIStalk about technological advancements in healthcare and how the management of them within health systems should evolve to improve efficiencies, quality care, and financial health.

Technological advancements in healthcare come at a rapid pace. While there are benefits to this, technological evolution can also bring challenges for healthcare systems that strive to run efficiently while maintaining quality care.

The management of medical devices is one such challenge. As devices become more complicated and increasingly get connected to the internet, how they are best managed becomes more complex. Optimum-use decisions are guided by lifecycle factors and cybersecurity risks, not the age of a device on a spreadsheet list or other simple factors.

To best meet the future of technology and retire inefficient practices, health systems can employ a clinical asset management solution to optimize their device fleets, increase staff productivity, and improve patient care.

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