ISOs Know One Size Does Not Fit All


TRIMEDX Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer LeAnne Hester was recently featured in the Aug. 2022 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine by DOTmed on ISOs and how healthcare providers are increasingly turning to them for a more customized approach to servicing medical devices.

Under cost pressure, providers today are weighing their options when it comes to servicing their medical equipment. Increasingly, the one-size-fits-all approach to maintenance is being displaced by a more customized approach based on specific needs. For non-OEM servicers, whether they be independent service organizations (ISOs) or multivendor service (MVS) organizations, this trend creates an opportunity to stand out from the fray.

While original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can generally maintain and repair their own equipment, the cost of their services, along with the need to maintain solutions from multiple vendors, may push healthcare practices toward third-party providers for their servicing needs. In some cases, the OEM may have stopped offering service on a piece of equipment, making third-party service the only option.

ISOs typically support equipment from one or more manufacturers at lower prices, many of the best ones have field service engineers with experience and skills comparable to the manufacturer for certain modalities, and some even offer training to hospital in-house teams. MVS organizations offer similar services, but have the backing of one of the other equipment manufacturers.

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