Medical Device Cybersecurity - How It’s Impacting Health Systems Podcast

TRIMEDX Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity Scott Trevino was recently interviewed on a 24x7 Magazine podcast highlighting the medical device cybersecurity landscape and how it's impacting hospitals & the BMETs in the field. He also touched upon TRIMEDX’s launch of Vigilor, independent cybersecurity services now available for all health systems and facilities. The podcast summary, as it appeared July 27, 2023, is below.

Join 24×7 chief editor Keri Forsythe-Stephens as she sits down with cybersecurity expert Scott Trevino to delve into the pressing issue of medical device cybersecurity. As senior vice president for cybersecurity at comprehensive clinical asset management service provider TRIMEDX, Trevino shares how he stays at the forefront of cybersecurity trends, with a keen focus on medical devices. Moreover, he reveals his pivotal role in developing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions for TRIMEDX’s clients, aiming to fortify their defense against evolving cyber threats.

The podcast provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of healthcare cybersecurity. Trevino points out that the healthcare industry, particularly medical devices, has lagged significantly behind other critical infrastructure sectors in terms of cybersecurity maturity. He cites alarming statistics, showcasing a staggering 200% increase in ransomware attacks in the past five years.

He also highlights the severe impact of cyberattacks on patient care, clinicians, and HTM professionals. Trevino emphasizes that delays in treatment due to cyber incidents result in a 30%-plus increase in direct patient harm or complications, profoundly affecting patient outcomes.

The conversation turns to the legislation and regulations surrounding medical device cybersecurity. And Trevino discusses the recent legislative actions empowering the U.S. FDA to enforce cybersecurity requirements on medical device manufacturers. However, he warns against relying solely on legislation and encourages healthcare providers to proactively assess and improve their cybersecurity practices.

Finally, Trevino shares how TRIMEDX has launched a revolutionary cybersecurity solution called Vigilor. This product provides comprehensive cybersecurity services to hospitals, even those without TRIMEDX’s clinical engineering program. Scott discusses how Vigilor works collaboratively with existing biomed teams and IT departments to assess risks and drive improvement. To learn more about Vigilor from TRIMEDX or to request a Cyber Current State Assessment, visit