Clinical Engineering Technology

Our proprietary, cloud-based clinical asset management platform was designed specifically for health care by TRIMEDX experts across clinical engineering, supply chain, quality & regulatory and device safety & security. This platform delivers a single-data ecosystem with sophisticated, proactive workflow efficiencies to ensure technicians are able to spend more time on equipment, providing best-in-class service to client healthcare providers.

Technician working on medical device using clinical engineering technology

State-of-the-art technology:

  • TRIMEDX understands the ins and outs of hospital operations and the importance of maintaining clients’ medical devices at the optimal level. RSQ, the platform on which our clinical engineering services are built, was designed specifically for health care by clinical engineers, supply chain executives and safety & quality experts. The system contains over 20 years of device history on over 4.4M medical devices with 2.2M devices being actively managed by TRIMEDX. Its integrated work order system drives operational efficiencies in submitting and tracking requests for maintenance and repair.  Designed for the highest level of efficiency, regulatory and supply chain functions have been integrated into RSQ to quickly and effectively match medical devices to FDA recalls and cybersecurity alerts, creating “smart” work orders that dispatch biomed technicians to resolve any open device vulnerabilities.
  • Predictive and proactive medical device repair and maintenance: Through remote monitoring capabilities coupled with machine learning, TRIMEDX monitors medical devices to predict repairs and maintenance, automates work orders and follows client repairs or scheduled maintenance through the work order cycle―all visible through TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Informatics.
  • Monitoring and communications: The TRIMEDX sophisticated cybersecurity solution is built on the NIST framework of identify, protect, detect, respond and recover. The closed-loop system creates individual device profiles, monitors client networks for anomalous behavior and integrates high risk items into a prescriptive workflow for timely intervention.
  • Mobile Technology: TRIMEDX continues to invest in mobile app technology to streamline business operations. The TRIMEDX Annual Inventory Revalidation (AIR) mobile app delivers a complete and accurate inventory with lower effort and resourcing used during the annual inventory re-validation process. The TRIMEDX Mobile Medical Equipment (MME) app tracks all activity related to mobile medical equipment―utilization, cleaning, location transfer and more. This data is analyzed to help drive operational performance and deliver client insights for more informed decision making.

Our TRIMEDX team members all do an outstanding job in working with our local team throughout the facilities. They provide detailed expertise on equipment and processes that helps our clinical staff be able to provide safe, cost-effective care to our patients and our communities. They are all outstanding to work with, and I feel that they truly are part of our hospital team.”

— Small, 25 bed critical access hospital system client