Medical Device Disposition

Medical Device Disposition

efficiently Disposition Surplus Medical Equipment

Just because a medical device has reached the end of its useful life or is underutilized doesn’t mean it doesn’t have residual value. Instead of trading it in for pennies on the dollar to make room for new equipment, maximize the return on your investment through clinical asset disposition. 

Centurion Service Group: A TRIMEDX Company

Through full-service device removal and auctions with Centurion Service Group: A TRIMEDX Company, surplus medical equipment can be disposed of or sold, removing unnecessary expenses, maximizing the return on clinical asset investments, and freeing up precious financial resources. With a robust equipment auction database, Centurion Service Group can provide a Fair Market Valuation for each device to compare against trade-in quotes and help maximize your cash return. Centurion Service Group partners with healthcare providers across the nation to provide a hassle-free, full-service solution to address all clinical asset disposition needs.

Continued Excellence in Medical Device Disposition

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Pieces of equipment sold annually
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Return on asset disposition above OEM trade-in value1

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Auctions per year

Centurion Service Group: A TRIMEDX Company provides an estimate for every device they manage. Once the decision has been made to retire a piece of equipment, Centurion handles the removal and storage of the devices. Once auctioned, the health system receives all documentation and never pays anything upfront throughout the process. 

Medical Equipment Disposition

Why Choose Clinical Asset Disposition

  • Realize operational expense savings: Remove excess devices from clinical asset inventory to reduce clinical engineering bill and overall operating expenses.
  • Maximize asset value: Get the best possible cash return for surplus medical equipment.
  • Inventory optimization: Accurately identify medical equipment ready for disposition.
  • Full-service solution: TRIMEDX and Centurion Service Group manage auctions and logistics to simplify the disposition process.
  • Environmentally sustainable disposition: 100,000+ pieces of medical equipment are kept from ending up in landfills every year.



Ascension St. Vincent’s Riverside Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, needed to remove surplus imaging equipment to transform the space into an outpatient imaging clinic. TRIMEDX provided a Fair Market Value analysis that maximized the cash return and also managed the entire equipment disposition process. Click here to read the full case study of how Ascension St. Vincent’s Riverside Hospital was able to realize a positive financial impact of over $78K. 

asset disposition ascension st. vincent

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1 TRIMEDX data based on typical client results.