Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Supporting Our Associates and Each Other

At TRIMEDX, we support and protect a culture where diversity, equity, and inclusion are the foundation. We know it is our uniqueness and experiences that make a difference, drive innovation, and create shared success. We create an inclusive workplace by actively seeking diversity, creating inclusion, and driving equity and engagement. 

A Dedication to Diversity

We embrace people’s differences which include age, race, color, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, education, genetics, veteran status, disability, religion, beliefs, opinions, and life experiences.

There are three behaviors that strengthen our commitment to inclusivity, equity, diversity, and belonging:

Be brave: Excellence

This is a powerful transformation that challenges people and systems. Creating accepting, safe, and receptive spaces for people to show up and be seen means both skill-building around vulnerability, courage, and empathy as well as working to dismantle the systems that devalue and dehumanize people. 

Be better: Innovation

This is a powerful transformation that allows for creativity and ingenuity. Bring integrity and a personal commitment to learning and demonstrating knowledge and skills that allow everyone to fully engage and grow in a diverse environment. This means striving for excellence and continuously improving yourself, so you can improve how you work with others. 

Be well: Making a difference

This is a powerful transformation that allows for impact and change. Generosity, courage, accountability, vulnerability, empathy, resilience, and the power of story can change the world. We must take care of ourselves, each other, our organization, our community, and the people we serve. 

We are committed to a journey of listening and continuously improving. We provide resources and encourage our associates to be curious and courageous. We are creating a workplace where our associates can contribute to their fullest potential. 

Innovate with us. Make a Difference. Achieve Excellence


Associate Resource Groups

Associate Resource Group

At TRIMEDX, our foundation of success starts with great people. We continue our journey to build an inclusive workplace, where associates are able to contribute to their full potential. As part of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we have three associate resource groups:

  • Faith in Action Associate Resource Group
  • Women's Associate Resource Group
  • Minority Associate Resource Group

These groups are comprised of associates who voluntarily come together based on shared characteristics, life experiences, or interests. We offer opportunities for associates to participate in leadership, as members and ambassador roles. The charter and purpose for each group is based on a 4C model (culture, career, community, and commerce). All goals and activities for an ARG are aligned to one of these overarching categories to further our vision, mission, and values. These groups support our continued focus on associate engagement and retention and recruitment. We are committed to responsible ownership, and an inclusive workplace creates a place in which people want to join and where associates feel a sense of belonging and are able to contribute to their fullest potential.

Over the last few years, TRIMEDX has taken several actions (highlighted below), along this journey. 

  • Launched a Be You story series, featuring TRIMEDX associates, living out the model of Be Brave, Be Better, Be Well.
  • Successful launch of three Associate Resources Groups, which have more than doubled in membership and provided a strong foundation to expand to five ARGs.
  • Expanded the utilization of our Associate Resource Groups to contribute as focus groups for topics such as recruiting under-represented talent.
  • Grew and enhanced our partnerships by engaging with a variety of groups and organizations to further drive and support our DEIB commitment. This takes many forms including board leadership, panel participation, and financial support.
  • Implemented DEI awareness for all associates and leaders. To date, nearly 100% of associates have completed these learning opportunities.
  • Increased communication and engagement for heritage months and cultural celebrations, providing resources for associates to read, watch, listen, and do.
  • Enhanced resources to educate and support our associates on their DEI journey.

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