Clinical Engineering Services

Technology-Enabled Clinical Engineering

TRIMEDX clinical asset management solutions are built on a proven foundation of clinical engineering. For decades, TRIMEDX on-site technicians, empowered by a centralized support model, have ensured the reliability and safety of millions of medical devices at over 4,500 sites nationwide. 

And with health systems facing increased financial pressures, clients have the peace of mind in knowing that costs on included medical devices will never increase over the life of their contract, offering persistent, long-term savings in addition to the baseline savings of 10 to 20% off the cost of a traditional service contract.

Download our one-pager, Clinical Engineering: Comprehensive, technology-enabled services.

RSQ, the platform on which our clinical engineering services are built, was designed specifically for health care by clinical engineers, supply chain executives and safety & quality experts. 

Designed for the highest level of efficiency, all regulatory and supply chain functions have been integrated into RSQ to quickly and effectively match medical devices to FDA recalls and cybersecurity alerts, creating “smart” work orders that dispatch biomed technicians to resolve any vulnerabilities associated with clients’ medical devices.


  • Reduce operating expenses through program and workflow standardizations
  • Maintain medical device availability
  • Maintain regulatory compliance

Second average call wait time with Client Experience Center

2.2 M+

Medical devices actively managed

52,000 +

Repairs completed monthly

TRIMEDX employs experts in the field of biomedical engineering to ensure medical device inventory maintenance of the highest standards.

Through sophisticated technology solutions, TRIMEDX proactively identifies necessary repairs and maintenance, automates work orders and follows clients’ repair or scheduled maintenance all the way through the work order cycle. The entire work order cycle and status of individual repairs is visible through TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Informatics.


  • Deliver consistent medical device uptime through proactive repair and maintenance
  • Improve financial health by extending the useful life of clinical assets 
  • Provide complete visibility into clinical asset inventories to ensure the right devices are available at the right time in the right place
  • Support greater clinical satisfaction and patient safety through service excellence
104,000 +

Preventative maintenance activities completed monthly

$ 8 M+

Average annual investment in technical training

99 %

Device uptime

TRIMEDX integrates quality and regulatory monitoring into all functional workflows, increasing patient safety and decreasing risk for healthcare organizations. Clients are supported through:

  • Accreditation and regulatory surveys
  • FDA alerts and recalls
  • Mock audits
  • Supplier quality audits
  • Environment of Care (EOC) investigations into patient safety incidents


  • Superior regulatory compliance
  • Risk mitigation
  • Patient safety
300 +

Regulatory and accreditation surveys completed annually

100 %

Completed surveys with no conditional findings

7,900 +

Work order tasks managed each month as a result of FDA alerts and recalls


Quality and Regulatory Compliance Team
  • Facilities are compliant and prepared for regulatory inspections and surveys.
  • Dedicated quality and regulatory team.
  • Devices are maintained to minimize patient risk and align with federal regulations and major accrediting bodies, including alternative equipment maintenance (AEM), as applicable.
  • Central monitoring of medical device alerts and recalls is performed with work orders issued for impacted devices.
Global Supply Chain
  • Dedicated team that ensures parts availability, quality and affordability through strategic supplier relationships and rigorous supplier quality program.
Client Experience Center
  • Centralized communication hub providing superior, live, personalized support to easily capture, track and resolve all clinical engineering requests at client facilities.
Implementation Services
  • Dedicated implementation team facilitates smooth implementation of program to include collection of existing service contracts, integration of clinical assets into the TRIMDEX database, and execution of program go-live.
Human Resources (staffing and training)
  • Provide recruitment for open clinical engineering roles, opportunities for associate engagement and growth, continuous investment in knowledge and skills training, and all aspects of human capital and expense management.
Strategic Modality Management
  • Support of centralized, highly specialized resources focused on providing support and investment in technicians to augment their core competencies in areas such as radiology, imaging, etc.
  • TRIMEDX continues to make significant research and development investments in RSQ, a proprietary CMMS, as well as in the TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Informatics platform. A Clinical Engineering, IT and cybersecurity partnership result in full integration of operational workflows, enhanced device safety and security and advanced informatics. 

The TRIMEDX Team is always willing to step in at a moment’s notice to get our equipment back up and running.”

— Mid-sized, short term acute care hospital client