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About TriMedx

Created by healthcare for healthcare in 1998, TriMedx understands that patients are the number one priority.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, TriMedx started as a small biomedical engineering department focusing on reducing expenses, optimizing service and enhancing revenue through innovative management programs. Today, TriMedx is a recognized leader in medical equipment management. We stand behind our Core Values in all aspects of our business.

Service of the Poor   Reverence   Integrity   Wisdom   Creativity   Dedication

Quick Facts*
  • 1,800+
Client healthcare locations
  • $450+ million
Total customer savings to date
  • 1.7 million +
Medical devices from which we've gathered evidence-based, total-cost-of-ownership and performance data
  • 4.8 out of 5
Customer satisfaction
  • 7 seconds
Average answer time when contacting Client Support Services
  • Less than 30 minutes
Priority response time
  • Less than 60 minutes
Standard response time

* Based on actual performance data tracked and reported annually to all accounts.

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