By Jay Khan, Executive VP, Operations

April 21, 2020

In these unprecedented times, TRIMEDX associates from all departments have answered the call to serve our communities in new and innovative ways. Collectively, we have helped to maintain healthcare services for patients across our great country. I have heard many inspiring stories over these last few weeks that leave me humbled and grateful for those of us serving on the front lines. 

Our associates in the field have risen to the challenges arising at our clients’ facilities. From setting up new Intensive Care Units in the middle of the night to deploying new equipment for telehealth services at the drop of a hat, our teams are routinely going above and beyond to keep us safe.  Our lab teams have worked tirelessly to install new test parameters on analyzers providing COVID-19 testing. In even the little things, like moving equipment between floors and finding consumable parts for exhausted caregivers, our teams are proving time and time again that our dedication to patient care is at the core of everything we do.  Our onsite associates are further enabled by our central support services. 

Our Client Experience Center has trained their associates to recognize devices that may be considered critical to a facility’s COVID-19 emergency response. Thanks to the work of our developers, these device records can then be flagged with a critical response indicator. This allows us to escalate any issues as STAT and present data to clients and managers about the state of their inventories relative to their emergency response. We now have over 4,000 devices with this tag and can better prioritize work in the face of this crisis. 

Other developers, in partnership with the Continuous Improvement team have created new tools to analyze government data alongside data from our inventory management system. We can now track new COVID-19 cases geographically against our clients’ repairs and inventories. Many of the innovations made in this project will contribute to systems we use moving forward. They have also designed a new system that allows managers to report any best practices they have put in place to share with other facilities. This same system allows them to report COVID-19 related issues to their leadership. 

Our associates in supply chain have been working to identify backorders and are working with suppliers to expedite critical items like ventilator parts and PPE. They have even been able to assist some of our clients in finding alternative sources and parts for their normal supplies. On top of everything else, HR and Regulatory have been staying in constant contact with government authorities to ensure compliance with emergency orders while keeping our associates as safe as possible. 

I’m deeply proud of my coworkers and the services we provide to our communities. I believe TRIMEDX has made a significant impact on the welfare of our healthcare system during this pandemic. Every one of our associates should be proud of the work they have done and know that we will emerge stronger and more resilient than ever when life returns to normal.   

I would like to offer a sincere and heartfelt thank you to those of you who are serving on the front lines of this pandemic – from physicians to nurses to every hospital staff member that is fighting for the health and safety of our communities.  We cannot thank you enough.