The Evolution of Cybersecurity and Clinical Asset Management

With the proliferation of smart, connected and connectable clinical assets, health systems are entering uncharted territory when it comes to cybersecurity. As regulatory pressure continues to grow, and with exponential growth in cyber threats, effective management of cybersecurity will require nimble and effective responses that integrate expertise from Clinical Engineering, IT, Quality, Regulatory, and Security.

Watch the recording to understand how cyber regulation of clinical assets is evolving, and to learn more about the challenges health systems and their traditional Clinical Engineering, IT and Security teams are facing in this rapidly evolving space. Learn about new functions and systems being developed to deal with these emerging complexities, including national clinical asset cyber intelligence teams, new Clinical Engineering/Information Technology (CE/IT) roles, and cyber security device inventory systems.

TRIMEDX Vice President of QA, RA and Medical Technology, Scott Trevino, discusses current challenges faced by Clinical Engineering teams in managing clinical assets, the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, trends in the market, and shares recommendations on what should be done to advance and improve cybersecurity in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Mike Carboni, TRIMEDX CE/IT Support Specialist, shares real case study examples of how the new CE/IT role is impacting not only device security (and, by extension, patient safety), but also, asset utilization, clinical/technician satisfaction, disaster recovery, and threat response and containment. He will discuss how this new role is interacting with the traditional Clinical Engineering and IT departments, as well as OEMs, supply chain, and the TRIMEDX National Cyber Intelligence Team.

Watch now to be better prepared for the changing cybersecurity landscape for healthcare.