Medical Device Security: Where to Start?

Cyberattacks on health technology are rapidly spreading, raising the risks and costs associated with your connected medical devices – and the data they hold. These attacks are far from isolated incidents, in fact, according to a recent survey, 3 in 4 hospitals were hit with a cybersecurity incident in recent months, and with 15-20% of the typical hospital’s entire medical device inventory directly connected to the network, the implications for patient safety and hospital performance are profound.

While the threat is significant, it also feels amorphous, with significant confusion in the market over the right process to follow in order to ensure medical device security and safety. Key questions we hear repeatedly from health system leaders:

• What is the best practice approach and framework that health systems have deployed to successfully manage the cyber challenge?

• What key insights do I need to be considering as I seek to minimize cybersecurity risk?

• How do I ensure that I have the right team members deployed to manage device safety and security, and how do I ensure that cross-functional teams are coordinated and accountable in their approach?

• What sort of future challenges do we expect to emerge going forward?

Join us to understand how the cybersecurity threat to medical devices continues to evolve, to learn the key requirements of the three-part plan that health systems must either consider or have in place in order to address the cyber challenge head-on, and hear real stories of how health systems are reaching breakthrough performance in managing against cyberattacks.

TRIMEDX Director of CE CYBER Solutions, Jon Benedict, discusses current challenges faced by Clinical Engineering, IT, and Security teams in managing cybersecurity, frames how best practice organizations are thinking about the challenge in a rigorous and careful fashion, and shares recommendations on what should be done at the front line to advance and improve cybersecurity in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment.