Clinical Asset Informatics

TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Informatics delivers prescriptive analytics that help drive sophisticated insights and opportunities for operational change along with comprehensive, real-time visibility into every detail of clients’ inventory to help them better understand costs, history, performance and prognosis. This platform is accessible to TRIMEDX clients through an intuitive, cloud-based user-interface.

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Computer utilizing TRIMEDX's Clinical Asset Informatics


TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Informatics is a robust, powerful engine that gives clients the information necessary to make key, strategic decisions about their medical device inventory.

  • Visibility: TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Informatics offers unparalleled visibility into clients’ complete medical device inventory. Data on over 4.4M clinical assets with organization-specific patient volumes is leveraged to create national and peer benchmarks which provide insight and recommendations for number of medical devices, utilization rates, expected useful life and impact to patient care due to unplanned downtime.
  • Actionable Insights: The TRIMEDX RUDR ScoreSM available through Clinical Asset Informatics, makes objective, fact-based recommendations on device replacement, upgrades available (such as software upgrades), assets for disposition or devices available for reallocation to different departments to sites. These recommendations optimize medical device inventories, reducing organizational risk and improving overall financial health.
  • Interactivity: Real-time information is available through Clinical Asset Informatics on the status of repairs and overall performance of clinical engineering including turnaround times for repair and maintenance, work order status, equipment availability, supplier performance and other trends. Access to this data helps drive clinician satisfaction and minimal disruption to patient care.

I haven’t worked with too many other clinical engineers but ours are by far the best I’ve experienced.  Their reports are excellent. I can always rely on their recalls and updates. When I ask them questions about equipment, equipment failures, etc. they are always available to discuss.”

— Small, critical access hospital system client