What Patient Safety Means to Me

Each TRIMEDX associate is driven by a common missionto make a difference by improving the health and lives of our associates, our clients and those in our communities. As we celebrate National Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 1519)Jared Koslosky, TRIMEDX vice president of product management, shares his thoughts on how patient safety has been a guiding light throughout his career: 

Patient safety is a pillar of my career, and my passion for it goes back a long way. 

When I was in grad school still trying to “figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up,” was taking a survey course in health care which just sounded cool at the time. The course was at the Medical College of Wisconsin and taught by the department heads from the hospital itself, wherein they shared all that makes up healthcare delivery.  

It was in this course that, one evening, the director of clinical engineering came in to speak. He shared about their critical role as protectors and champions of patient safety in the healthcare continuum through the support and management of medical devices along with the complexities of such a cause in a very technical, integrated and dynamic environment. This connection between what I had been learning in college and the real tangible ability to make a difference in peoples’ livesand helping to protect themwas a “light bulb” moment. From that point forward, it has been my passion and guide throughout my professional career to be part of transforming and driving an industry focused on patient safety. 

Following this beacon has afforded me opportunities to make an impact on patients with different roles, provider locations, health systems and healthcare technology management organizations. 

Today, I have found my way to the tip of the spear with health care’s leading and most transformative organizationTRIMEDX. I am honored to lead the Clinical Engineering Solution product management team. We are focused on identifying and defining the problems and challenges the market, and our clients, are having. We take that knowledge forward to innovate and drive new solutions and capabilities that help our teams and associates deliver best-in-class clinical engineering and healthcare technology management services.  

Every day we “show up” to serve and support those working on the front line of patient care. Every daywe ensure we are linking our work and decisions to the most important core value in health carepatient safety. TRIMEDX and the services we provide to our clients are truly making a difference.