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Your clinical engineering program could save you millions

Whether in-house or out-sourced, clinical engineering may appear to be an insignificant percentage of your total operational spend. However, if you dig deep and uncover all costs associated with clinical engineering you will find your spend is 30-50% greater than what you might think. Only when all expense factors relating to equipment maintenance are considered can you effectively impact the savings, workforce modeling, and program future outlook.

TriMedx performs comprehensive current state assessments to help its healthcare partners reduce expenses, maximize utilization and drive profitability through innovative management programs centered on medical technology assets.

Delivering unmatched uptime, round-the-clock response and unbiased total-cost-of-ownership equipment data, TriMedx has saved its clients more than $450 million to date.

To learn more about your clinical engineering spend and to identify opportunities for substantial savings and increased operational efficiencies, we invite you to access our free resources.

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