InSource Staffing Model

See how the 4th category of the TriMedx InSource model stacks up against other clinical engineering service models.

Multiplying Resources, Reducing Costs

Category 1 In-House
  • Customer-focused
  • Never 100% in-house
  • Limited purchasing leverage
  • Limited training budget and knowledge of latest technology advances
  • Limited sharing of knowledge and best practices
Category 2 OEMs
  • Deep knowledge of product line
  • Focused on its bottom line
  • Biased guidance on product fixes, updates and solutions
Category 3 ISOs
  • Improved access to knowledge and best practices
  • Restricted access to parts
  • Restricted OEM training
  • Blends strengths of the In-House and ISO models
  • Created by and for healthcare providers
  • Robust training and investment in hospital-employed technicians
  • Enhanced access to knowledge and best practices
  • Access to vendor-neutral, evidence-based equipment data
  • Access to OEM training
  • Increased leverage for purchasing parts
  • Little to no reliance on OEM service contracts
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