TriMedx Client Success Stories

With more than 1,200 clinical engineering programs under our belt, we've come to know medical technology opportunities, pitfalls and intricacies like the back of our hands.We've also witnessed a vast spectrum of clinical engineering efficiency and maturity levels, from the subpar and costly to the masterful and high-yield.

Instead of listing out customer statements or industry accolades we'll let you read about some of our clients’ successes yourself.

Client Success Stories

Result in Improved Communications and Cost Savings

St. Francis of Georgia

An impressively smooth transition, coupled with a proven InSource model that uses well-defined, smart processes and highly-skilled, multi-disciplined technicians, has delivered an impactful solution to a facility that values the delivery of high quality and innovative healthcare to a close knit community.

TriMedx delivers increased productivity and cost savings

St. Mary's of Michigan

St. Mary’s biomedical department has brought significant savings and increased productivity to its sterilizing equipment and laboratory devices.

Cost savings through smart in-sourcing and innovative solutions

Mount St. Mary's of New York

Mount St. Mary's Hospital and Health Center experiences cost savings through smart in-sourcing and innovative medical equipment evaluation model.

InSourcing and capped cost produce $10 million in annual savings

Dignity Health

Like most healthcare providers, Dignity Health sought to serve more patients at lower cost, while complying with emerging federal mandates.

$250 million in savings for largest non-profit healthcare system

Ascension Health

With 118 hospitals in 19 states and the District of Columbia, each Ascension Health hospital’s clinical engineering department differed in management methodologies, policies and procedures. TriMedx faced the critical challenge of establishing a consistent, comprehensive program to meet the individualized needs of each hospital no matter how many beds, FTEs or sites were involved.

Partnership reduces annual medical equipment costs by 16.7 percent

St. Vincent's Medical Center Southside

In 2008, St. Vincent’s Medical Center Southside, a 150-bed acute-care facility in Jacksonville, Florida transferred ownership from Mayo Clinic to St. Vincent’s HealthCare. TriMedx partnered with St. Vincent’s to streamline healthcare technology management at St. Vincent’s Medical Center Southside to reduce costs, increase expertise, efficiencies and satisfaction across the entire health system. As a result, by 2010, the TriMedx-managed clinical engineering department had saved the hospital 16.7 percent in medical equipment management expenses annually with 99.9 percent equipment uptime and 4.9 out of 5 services satisfaction.

Increased training drives 99.2% uptime

Providence Health and Services Alaska

Providence Alaska partnered with TriMedx to create value through a centralized support structure, enhanced communication, increased technical knowledge, and tools for measuring economic impact.