Medical Equipment Services Solutions

TriMedx has helped hundreds of healthcare providers reduce expenses, maximize utilization and drive profitability through innovative management programs centered on medical technology assets. Delivering unmatched uptime, round-the-clock response and unbiased total-cost-of-ownership equipment data, TriMedx saves its clients millions of dollars on their annual OEM service contracts by implementing customized clinical engineering and medical equipment management solutions.


TriMedx InSource Solutions

If you are a large to medium sized hospital or IDN the TriMedx InSource medical equipment service solutions are the best fit for you. The InSource model of TriMedx InSource blends the strengths of In-House clinical  engineering and a national client support structure that could save you millions on your clinical engineering services annually.

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TriMedx Field Service Solutions

If you are a small community hospital, imaging center or a healthcare facility with limited to no clinical engineering staff our TriMedx Field Service solution is best fit for you. The wide range of medical equipment technician expertise with our Field Service solutions delivers a cost effective plan to meet your medical equipment repair needs.

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