International Medical Equipment Lifecycle Management


Medical equipment lifecycle management is about having the right technology at the right time at the right cost in the right place with the right relationship.

TriMedx has a proven track record of enhancing hospital revenue and efficiencies through data-driven medical equipment lifecycle management.

We do that by equipping hospitals to service medical equipment in-house, with little or no dependence on external service providers, and by arming client hospitals with rich data on the performance history and total cost of ownership for more than one million devices.

This means TriMedx client hospitals can not only service their equipment in a cost-effective and timely manner, but they can also accurately predict the full costs to maintain that equipment for the duration of its lifetime.

Those data-driven insights, processes and in-house capabilities enable our clients to make better decisions about which equipment to acquire, and to maximize the life and performance of existing equipment.

The results? Superior healthcare delivery and unmatched return for their health technology investment.