About TriMedx International

TriMedx TechnicianIn 2011, TriMedx entered the international market, assisting customers worldwide with their biomedical engineering needs and providing customized solutions to help providers reach their goals. We help our customer increase the life, uptime and performance of their medical equipment, drastically reducing their costs and reliance on external service contracts. TriMedx International customers are able to focus on patient care, instead of worrying about malfunctioning medical equipment or the needless expenses that follow.

Back in the 1990’s, St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, U.S., partnered with its biomedical engineering department to develop a comprehensive clinical equipment management program, aimed at increasing patient safety and reducing expenses. The resulting program was so successful, soon other hospitals wanted to replicate it.

That department, along with the very biomedical engineers that crafted the program, is now TriMedx. Today, we lead more than 1,800 healthcare providers to sustainable savings and efficiencies throughout the United States and, now, throughout the world.

TriMedx Tech TrioWhat do our international and U.S. partner hospitals have in common? They leverage the same evidence-based approach, tools and technology to counter the high costs of equipment service and contracts, needless equipment purchases, upgrades and downtime that hinder timely and affordable patient care.

While other technology service providers often come from other industries chasing after profits in healthcare, we spent our formative years working alongside biomeds, clinicians, administrators and patients. As such, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the impact of clinical engineering on patient care, staff satisfaction, and financial stewardship.

We don’t exist just to service technology. Like our client hospitals, we’re about enabling superior patient care so they can serve more patients more efficiently, and maximize their health technology investment.