TriMedx InSource

The larger the healthcare system the more complex the medical device service solutions become. The TriMedx InSource solution is a great fit for hospitals and systems looking to create efficiencies with their current biomedical engineering program. TriMedx takes the time to get to know your struggles and offer you solutions that go beyond providing biomedical engineering services at a lower price. TriMedx takes a holistic approach to medical device lifecycle management and ensures equipment is maximized for patient safety, revenue and the core mission of its clients.

Infrastructure Savings

A customized TriMedx solution can mean many things – Capped Cost, Trusted Partner, Biomedical Engineering Excellence, Lifecycle Management, InSource Model and Vendor Neutral Equipment Management – it depends on the needs of our clients which ones we will deliver; most are standard.

What goes into a TriMedx InSource Solution?

Capped Cost, Immediate Savings

Drives accelerated financial goals and predictability in your annual Biomedical Engineering budget. A TriMedx capped cost solution lays out the entire term of your agreement with no surprise up charges.

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Medical Equipment Lifecycle Management

Our holistic medical device management approach goes beyond service and repair to ensure you are purchasing and planning your medical devices to meet the current and future goals of your facility.

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Trusted Healthcare Partner

Created by healthcare for healthcare and driven by our Core Values the bottom line goal of TriMedx is to facilitate high quality patient care on a global scale.

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InSource Staffing Model

Technology, training and teamwork provides the foundation for your Biomedical Engineering department to thrive and scale alongside your facilities projected growth.

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Biomedical Engineering Excellence

Biomedical engineering is our passion. The entrepreneurial mindset and unmatched expertise of our technicians enable TriMedx to continually deliver unmatched customer savings. 

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Vendor Neutral Medical Equipment Management

An unbiased third party stance along with equipment data for more than 1.7 million devices, TriMedx provides unmatched total-cost-of-ownership data for effective equipment performance insight and capital equipment purchase planning.

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