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Additionally, our experts are available to discuss emerging trends, challenges and opportunities related to the following topics:
  • Medical equipment management
  • Four categories of health technology management:
    1) In-house, 2) OEMs, 3) ISOs, 4) In-sourced
  • Health technology total cost of ownership
  • End-of-life equipment management
  • Medical equipment lifecycle management
  • Evidence-based, vendor-neutral medical equipment management
  • Strategic capital planning, purchasing and management
  • Service contract negotiations, considerations and pitfalls
  • Clinical engineering/Biomed training and career advancement
  • General clinical engineering considerations, and more

About TriMedx

TriMedx has helped more than 1,800 healthcare providers reduce expenses, increase patient throughput and profitability through in-sourced health technology management programs. Delivering unmatched uptime, round-the-clock response and unbiased, total-cost-of-ownership equipment data, TriMedx has saved its clients more than $450 million to date.