TriMedx Company History

Back in the 1990s, St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis partnered with its clinical engineering department to develop a comprehensive clinical equipment management program, aimed at increasing patient safety and reducing expenses.

TriMedx, Healthcare Technology ManagementThe resulting program was so successful, soon other hospitals wanted to replicate it. That department — along with the very clinical engineers that crafted the program — is now TriMedx. Today, we lead more than 1,800 providers to sustainable savings and efficiencies.
Created by healthcare for healthcare, TriMedx started as a hospital biomedical engineering department and spent its developmental years working alongside biomeds, clinicians, administrators and patients. It follows, then, that we’re uniquely positioned to understand the nuances and intricacies of the challenges you face, and create programs that bring out real, tangible solutions.
We don’t exist just to service technology. Like you, we’re about enabling superior patient care so you can do more, for less than you’re able to do today. And our vision is to become the most trusted service partner in healthcare.